K-5 Math Skills Predict Academic Success in Higher Grades

“I’ll never use this in real life!” “How is math going to matter, other than for a grade in school?”

How many times have you heard your kids complain about math before? How many times have you, as an adult, thought the same things? Math is only useful if you’re going to be a math teacher, right?

Not true! You might be surprised to know that not only is math useful in everyday life – elementary math skills are in fact predictors of success in other subjects as students pass through higher grades in school and beyond.

Greg Duncan, a professor who is part of the National Academy of Science (NSA), and his team of researchers have studied the effects of certain skills and deficits of students on achievement in school and later in life. In the School Readiness and Later Achievement study, Duncan and his team uncovered the fact that learning early in a student’s career affects their achievement in middle school, high school and beyond. Even more telling is the importance of K-5 math skills over reading skills, behavior issues and social skills. The study found that when students’ math skills are nurtured and developed at an early stage, those students are more likely to succeed later in their school careers.

Every effort should be made to strengthen students’ math skills at an early age to help ensure their future success in school and in possible careers. Encourage your children and support their success by getting them the math help they need to succeed in life.

About the Author
Ray Narayan is the Founder of 1to1Tutor.org, which provides online math tutoring for students studying algebra, geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, statistics, trigonometry, arithmetic, reading, science and more. Working with an online math tutor enables students to get the help they need when it is most convenient to them, and 1to1Tutor.org uses innovative technology to ensure that the learning process is intuitive, comprehensive and fun.

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