How to Create a Supportive 504 Plan for K-12 Students

A 504 plan for K-12 students can provide much needed support for students with learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD and allow them to become successful learners at their schools. But not all 504 plans are created equal, and some are more supportive than others. Let’s review some ways to ensure your child’s plan supports your students.

First, your voice as a parent and your child’s voice matters just as much in creating the plan as the teacher’s and counselor’s opinions. You know your child, their strengths and the areas they needs help in the best. Your child also probably has a firm understanding of what could help them be the best student.

Remember that no 504 plan is the same because no child is the same. You do not have to accept a boilerplate plan or limit a plan to the accommodations other children at the school. Ask for what your child needs, such as having tests read aloud, having a note taker or requiring a daily backpack check.

The final 504 plan should list exactly who is responsible for making sure your child receives the accommodations in the plan. A 504 plan is a civil right and individual teachers can be held responsible for failing to provide the accommodations. The buck has to stop with someone and your plan should be specific on who that person is.

Finally, your child’s 504 plan should undergo an annual review. Scheduling the review at the start of the school year will allow you to review how successful the accommodations were for previous year, make changes for the year ahead and identify those responsible for following through on the plan.

A 504 can make a significant difference for students in schools. Make sure your child’s plan paves the way to success.

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