Fun Ways to Learn Calculus

The words calculus and fun don’t usually go together. In fact, they very rarely appear in the same sentence. But believe it or not, there are some fun and unique ways to learn calculus that can improve your grades and study habits.

Watch a Video
Reading and writing calculus problems all day can make you a dull person. Try to take in a calculus lesson visually by watching a video instead. Video lessons help stretch your brain muscles and give you a fresh way to learn about convergence, divergence, geometric series and more. If there’s a topic within calculus you need to learn, chances are there’s a video out there to help. 

Take a Flash Tutorial
There a lot of people invested in making calculus fun and interesting to learn, and some of them have designed flash tutorial online classes that you can take. The sites, often created by teachers who have taught Calculus at either the high school or college levels, are fun, easy to use, and help get across the valuable lessons of calculus in a way that’s easy to digest.

Sing a Song
I’m not kidding! Some intrepid calculus teachers have taken the confusing lessons of calc and put them to song. Listen to the the Quadratic Formula Song for some catchy memorization. The A.P. Calculus Theme Song gives you a good laugh while also helping to get your mind into the calculus zone.

Read a Comic Book
Believe it or not, there is a comic book dedicated to calculus. The Manga Guide to Calculus provides the basics of calculus using real-world examples such as supply and demand, pollution effects and liquid density. This comic is a lot of fun not just for students but also for older people trying to get the hang of calc after years of nothing studying.


About the Author
Ray Narayan is the Founder of, which provides online math tutoring for students studying calculus, pre-calculus, geometry, algebra and more. Working with an online calculus tutor enables students to get the help they need when it is most convenient to them, and uses innovative technology to ensure that the learning process is intuitive, comprehensive and fun.

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