5 Most Brilliant Mathematicians of All Time

There have been many incredible mathematic minds throughout history. While it was tough to narrow down the top 5, here is who made our list of the most brilliant.

Srinivasa Ramanujan
Srinivasa is one of the least known of the world’s great mathematicians, with few people knowing his identity at all, much less his accomplishments. With very little traditional training, as a small boy in India he was fascinated by numbers and by what math he knew. Without any knowledge of existing mathematical theory, he independently derived what took hundreds of mathematicians over a century to determine. He made significant contributions to continued fractions, infinite series, number theory and overall mathematical analysis, which laid the foundation to a lot of what we use today.

Euclid of Alexandria
Known as "The Father of Geometry", Euclid deduced a larger series of building ideas that were eventually developed into geometry as we know it. He developed the ideas that determined deductively numerous definitions and understandings of spatial relationships.

Alan Turing
He is perhaps the most important individual in the development of computer science due to his development of the Turing Machine, which essentially functioned as an extremely simple algorithm computer. Turing’s general concepts are still in use today in the way that algorithms are used for programming and data processing.

Archimedes of Syracuse
Archimedes is the most known as a key mathematician of antiquity and one of the most important of all time. He was one of the first to understand the idea and actual value of pi, as well as various formulas for volumes of complex curved three-dimensional shapes known as surface of revolution. In addition to formula and theory, Archimedes was responsible for massive development of practical physics and could even be considered the origin of systematic physics.

Isaac Newton
Known across dozens of scientific fields, Sir Isaac Newton may be the most important scientific mind to have ever lived. At a young age, he developed the body of mathematics known as calculus for his own purposes, and advanced every system of math altogether.

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