10 Tips to Ace Your Next Geometry Exam

Few words can raise the anxiety level of a student more than that simple four-letter word: TEST. So how can you reduce test anxiety? First, BE PREPARED!

What do all students know from the first day they enter geometry class? Whatever the teacher says, you will be tested on it!

Therefore, to ace your geometry tests, you should:

Start now – You know there will be a test…sometime. Do NOT wait until the last minute.

Take notes – Be certain you can see the display boards and you can hear the instructor. Take thorough notes during class and review your notes the sameday.

Ask questions – If there is something you do not understand, ASK. If you do not feel comfortable asking in class, meet with the instructor after class. Do NOT allow questions to go unanswered because they will pile up, and sooner or later you’ll have a list of unanswered questions going into your exam.

Establish a routine – Set aside a specific time everyday to review notes and do your homework. Routine inspires familiarity; familiarity inspires success.

Create a positive study environment – Study in the same place. Be certain the place is quiet and comfortable so you don’t get distracted.

Form a study group – One of the best ways to reinforce knowledge is to work with other students.

Review corrected homework DAILY – Make sure you understand any mistakes you made.

2 – 3 days before the test 

  • Review all notes, homework assignments, and quizzes.
  • Make a list of questions. Discuss them in your study group, with your instructor, or with an in-person or online geometry tutor.
  • Take a practice test.
    • Create one yourself or with your study group, ask instructor for an old test, or go online.
  • Discuss problems with instructor, tutor and/or study group.

Night before test– Review your notes, practice test, and homework. Get a good night’s sleep.

RELAX! If you prepare well, be confident that you will ace the exam.


About the Author
Ray Narayan is the Founder of 1to1Tutor.org, which provides online math tutoring for students studying geometry algebra, calculus, pre-calculus and more. Working with an online geometry tutor enables students to get the help they need when it is most convenient to them, and 1to1Tutor.org uses innovative technology to ensure that the learning process is intuitive, comprehensive and fun.



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