10 Tips to Ace Your Next Calculus Exam

It takes more than just studying hard and going to class to pass your calculus exams. While you need to do these things to succeed, there is definitely more than you need to do/know to fully prepare yourself. Don’t take a chance on failing. Before your next calc exam, follow these tips to be on the road to earning a perfect score.

Practice calculus daily. Taking time to do at least one problem a day (aside from your homework) will increase your calculus knowledge and decrease the amount of time you need to study for each test. Think about it this way: 20 minutes/day and 4-5 hours studying for your test vs. 0 minutes/day and a 10 hour cram session the night before. The first option sounds more appealing, right?

Set a homework schedule. Create a study timetable for your classes to ensure that you have the time necessary to study for calculus. Failing to plan is planning to fail after all.

Take your time. Spend a minimum of two hours on each homework assignment. If you understand the concepts, explore real world applications to get a better grasp of the lessons.

Go to your book’s online companion. At least once a week, take 30 minutes to look up your book’s companion website and do practice problems online.

Find Study Buddies. Though you may not think you need it, working with others is a very beneficial learning tool. Explain concepts to your classmates and let them explain them to you. Not only will you learn things you didn’t think you would – you’ll also have a better time studying as well.

Never use pen. Using a pencil while doing math will save you countless time and paper. Enough said!

Work as a group. All too often one person takes the lead in group assignments. Allow each person to take turns explaining concepts to the group so that everyone fully grasps what you’re studying.

Do a pre-test. Take a few of the more challenging problems and do them in a simulated test setting. Give yourself a grade, and continue testing yourself until you are happy with the outcome.

Copy all examples. Copy all examples your teacher gives, as they may be future test questions.

Read the book. Even if your instructor explains everything to you, read the book for further understanding. Remember: your teacher is one of many resources available to you.

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Ray Narayan is the Founder of 1to1Tutor.org, which provides online math tutoring for students studying calculus, pre-calculus, geometry, algebra and more. Working with an online calculus tutor enables students to get the help they need when it is most convenient to them, and 1to1Tutor.org uses innovative technology to ensure that the learning process is intuitive, comprehensive and fun.

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