10 Tips to Ace Your Next Algebra Exam

For most students, Algebra I and Algebra II are required courses. Here are ten study tips that will help you ace your next algebra test.

1. Study when you’re at your strongest and most alert, even if that means using the library on your free period.

2. Study in increments, taking frequent and meaningful breaks.

3. When you’re done studying, have a snack or even dinner to recharge your brain and to eliminate that fuzzy feeling.

4. Study in a relatively quiet area of the house, free from distractions. Often times it helps to do some deep breathing exercises once you’re situated to get the oxygen running to your brain. This method allows you to prepare your brain for an extended period of mental strain, to which the central nervous system responds by producing an increased capacity for effective learning.

5. Relate the solutions to something that you’re interested in, or use the solutions to find interest in something new. Studies show that students excel in classes that explore topics that interest them.

6. Study as you go. Statistically, cramming for a test is only effective about half the time, and since cramming exposes the brain to a level of endurance beyond its capacity, virtually nothing is retained.

7. Have something planned ahead of time so that you can cut loose after studying. Social interaction relaxes the brain and allows it to process what you’ve taken in throughout the day.

8. Practice what you’ve learned by creating your own math problems and solving them using the formula you’re trying to memorize.

9. Simulate the environment of your next test. Ask your teacher if you could use the classroom after school to do some practice problems. They will likely be more than happy to accommodate, and you’ll have expert guidance should you have any questions.

10. Finally, stay positive. A defeatist attitude tells your brain you can’t do it.

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Ray Narayan is the Founder of 1to1Tutor.org, which provides online math tutoring for students studying algebra, geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, statistics, trigonometry, arithmetic, reading, science and more. Working with an online math tutor enables students to get the help they need when it is most convenient to them, and 1to1Tutor.org uses innovative technology to ensure that the learning process is intuitive, comprehensive and fun.

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